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Exhilarating Yoga Workshop with Yogi Dinesh Chander

  • Aika: June 30-July 2, 2017
  • Paikka: Joogatila, Laajalahdentie 20, Helsinki (näytä kartalla)
  • Ohjaajat: Yogi Dinesh Chander

In this three-day intensive yoga workshop you will experience the rooted joy and spirituality of yoga combined with dynamic asana practice and practical yoga philosophy stemming from ancient Indian traditions and rituals.

Yogi Dinesh Chander and his wife Priya Nandhini Shankar run a legendary hatha yoga school in Rishikesh, India. Yogi Dinesh was a close student of the late Great Himalayan Yogi Swami Yogananda Maharaj Ji who lived to be 104 years old and with whom Yogi Dinesh founded Om Shanti Om Yoga School.

Yogi Dinesh is an experienced, loving, generous, friendly and humble teacher who has the ability to bring laughter and compassion to a challenging practice taking students with different backgrounds and abilities into consideration. He obtained his yogic education in Rishikesh Ashram (Parmath Niketan Sivananda) starting from age 12 studying all yoga practices, Mantras, Vedas, Sanskrit, Bhagavath Gita, the hindu traditions, yogic life and culture. Yogi Dinesh holds a Master’a degree in Sanskrit and the titles of “Acharya”, “Shastri” and “Yogacharya”. At the workshop, Yogi Dinesh will lead mantras and rituals, teach dynamic hatha yoga, laughter yoga and discuss the yogic path and practice today in the light of ancient yoga philosophy.

The workshop includes five full-length dynamic asana practices, one laughter yoga session, learning and chanting of mantras, yogic rituals, practical yoga philosophy, meditation and open discussion on yogic life.

Reviews of Yogi Dinesh and Om Shanti Om Yoga School

“Yogi Dinesh's dynamic classes are sought out by visitors outside the school who comment that it is the best class in town. Because of the constant attention with each student and emphasis on meditation, alignment, safety, breath and beautiful chanting, the union of body and mind through breath is easily achieved.”

“Loved the experience of improving my yoga with Dinesh. The classes where fantastic, challenging, informative, educational and most importantly fun with plenty of laughter.”

“Yogi Ginesh is absolutely a master in his field”

“I am a typical asana loving girl who has been enjoying Dinesh's hatha yoga classes! He is very funny, friendly and good at teaching in details.”

“Dinesh Ji is amazing teacher very good skilled and splendid personality!”

“The classes are very funny and adaptable to everybody from beginners to advanced people”

“Dinesh is a wonderful teacher with powerful and peaceful presence. Recommend!”

“I will be always greatful to the most inspiring teacher I've ever met-Yogi Dinesh- for this unforgettable adventure and for leading in love in a full and peaceful way.”

Do not miss this opportunity to practice with Yogi Dinesh in Helsinki!

Schedule of the workshop

  • Friday, June 30th, 2 pm – 8 pm (including one break)
  • Saturday, July 1st, 9 am – 5 pm (including a lunch break) + garden party in the evening
  • Sunday, July 2nd, 9 am – 5 pm (including a lunch break)

On Saturday evening all students are invited to take part in a garden party at the organizers’, Kaisa and Petteri’s house in Tapanila.

The workshop is organized by Kaisa Kuurne, a student of Yogi Dinesh, yoga teacher (RYT-200), researcher of good life (Ph.D., docent, University of Eastern Finland) and retreat instructor leading courses and retreats on yoga, meditation, intuition and the wild instinct via Kasvutahto Ltd. (https://www.kasvutahto.fi/), a small family enterprise. You can read Kaisa’s thoughts on yoga in the Finnish yoga journal Ananda where she wrote columns in 2016. She will be happy to answer all inquiries (in Finnish or English; kaisa@kasvutahto.fi, 040-705 1243).

There is space for approximately 20 students.


The cost of the workshop consists of the actual fee and a mandatory) donation that will be directed to the teacher. The full cost of the workshop varies between 250 and 350 € depending on the time of registering and your financial situation. The early bird fee is 199 € including VAT (10 %) is valid until the May 14 and will be billed upon reserving your spot. Later the first part of the fee is 240 € including VAT (10%). This part of the fee is used to cover all the costs of workshop. The other part of the fee is a donation (recommended amount between 50 and 100 €, depending on your situation).


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